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Logo & identity | Web & app design | Packaging & label | Catalog & Brochure | Book & magazine | Business & advertising
Vizualni identitet, logo dizajn, branding
Vizualni identitet, logo dizajn, branding
Dizajn letaka, dizajn brošura, dizajn kataloga, dizajn časopisa
Vizualni identitet, logo dizajn, branding
We helping our clients to convey a message to a particular audience. We explore your interests to achieve a full understanding of your business and offering you a services tailored to your needs. We will always be happy to help if you’re in need of a design for nonprofit organizations or associations and charities. Below are a few examples of the graphic design services we offer: Logo & stationery (business card, letterhead, envelope), Invitations, Covers (books, cd), Posters, Flyers, Labels, Magazines, Banner Ads, Brochures, Catalogs, T-shirts etc.
Choosing a logo design for your company is an important decision for you and your business. We will study your company and the area of your business. We’ll define the key elements of and then we’ll create a visual solution for your logo, heading in several different courses.
Nothing makes a business look more credible than professionally designed stationery (business cards, letterhead and envelopes). An investment in professionally designed stationery will pay off every time you hand out your business card and every time you send a letter.
First Impressions Counts! What will draw you into the store to buy a product you’ve never tried it? Packaging! It’s time for You to be a good packaged! We’re experienced with preparing Your promotional materials for printing such as business cards, stationary packages, broshures, posters, catalogs etc.
Besides the logo and stationery design, we offer a variety of services design for Posters, Flyers, Labels, Magazines, Brochures, Catalogs, T-shirts, Wedding Invitations, web design, design of icon for your web site or app, etc.
Scapen Design is a agency specialized in graphic design. Graphic design is a key link in connecting your business with the target audience. In order to achieve a better quality product, we approach each of our clients individually with the aim of achieving his specific needs. We will examine the area of your business and create a visual solution customized to your budget, needs and deadlines.